Washington, D.C. – The Arc is disgusted by monstrous allegations against two institutions for people with intellectual disabilities operated by the state of Iowa. The U.S. Department of Justice is reportedly investigating whether the state violated the civil rights of residents at the Glenwood Resource Center by subjecting them to sexual arousal studies and other “harmful and uncontrolled human subject experiments.” According to reports, the Justice Department is also looking into allegations of inadequate care, needless restraint, and physical injury at Glenwood, in addition to possible violations of the integration mandate of the Americans with Disabilities Act at Glenwood and the Woodward Resource Center.

“We are sickened and outraged. The allegations include degrading and dehumanizing practices, medical invasions in violation of the bodily integrity and dignity of people with disabilities, and reportedly, an increase in deaths.

“This type of alleged treatment is reminiscent of a dark history of coerced medical experimentation and abuse – it’s repugnant and unacceptable. The disability community refuses to go back to those days,” said Peter Berns, CEO, The Arc. “We will be watching this investigation closely. Regardless of the outcome, The Arc and our allies continue our adamant calls to shut down every institution in the nation as soon possible.”

The Arc advocates for and serves people wit­­h intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), including Down syndrome, autism, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, cerebral palsy and other diagnoses. The Arc has a network of over 600 chapters across the country promoting and protecting the human rights of people with I/DD and actively supporting their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes and without regard to diagnosis.

Editor’s Note: The Arc is not an acronym; always refer to us as The Arc, not The ARC and never ARC. The Arc should be considered as a title or a phrase.

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