On this Martin
Luther King, Jr. Day of Service
, The Arc will
once again commemorate the life of Dr. King and his dream for equality and civil
rights for all people. The iconic civil rights leader’s passionate and
persistent fight for equality and against discrimination paved the way for the
disability community to advance and persevere in its ongoing fight for
equality, rights, and inclusion.

In honor
of his work, The Arc is making it a day on, not a day off! This year, several
chapters of The Arc and partner organizations will work together to address
food insecurity and promote inclusive volunteering to bring together people
with and without disabilities to serve their communities.

“People with disabilities are often perceived
as the ones always in need of help, but in reality, they also have the desire
and ability to help others and to play an active role in strengthening their own
communities,” said Peter Berns, CEO of The Arc. “In the true spirit of Dr.
King, the Day of Service shines a light on what all people – including those with
intellectual and developmental disabilities – can do to love, uplift,
and support their neighbors.”

Interested in participating on a volunteer project with one of our 2020 subgrantees? See if there’s a volunteer event near you in the list below! You can also search the national database for all opportunities to get involved.

A graphic depicting Martin Luther King, Jr. that reads "25th MLK Day of Service - make it a day on, not a day off. January 20, 2020. Volunteer at MLKDay.gov.

MLK Day of Service Partner Organizations

If you’re looking for more information on volunteering and
people with disabilities, check
out our free resources

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