Self Advocacy


The goal of this letter is to help more people with disabilities make their own
decisions about their health.

This letter can be used as a supported decision-making agreement.  A supported decision-making agreement is a form that describes when you want help to make your own decisions. It also says who you want to help you.


People First of Georgia

People First is an organization made up of self-advocates who are individuals with disabilities speaking up for themselves. They are a cross disability, volunteer organization that focuses on creating change for people with disabilities that will improve lives.


The National Council of Self Advocates (NCSA)

The National Council of Self-Advocates is the voice of self-advocates across all of The Arc’s work.
We look to:

  • Engage self-advocates from diverse communities
  • Help chapters support self-advocates
  • Create opportunities for self-advocates to network and learn from one another
  • Raise awareness about self-advocacy in NCSA member communities

We need you! Help us by:

  • Sharing your expertise and furthering your knowledge on monthly calls on important self-advocacy topics
  • Informing the work of The Arc’s national office and chapters by sharing how the programs being developed can support self-advocates