Why Us?

Why Choose The Arc Georgia Pooled Trust?


Open to People of All Disabilities – The Arc of Georgia Pooled Trust serves Georgians with all types of disabilities, including people with physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and other developmental disabilities.


Affordable – For many families and individuals, The Arc of Georgia Pooled Trust offers an affordable option, with costs far lower than those typically required to establish an individual special needs trust.


Knowledge and Expertise – The federal and state regulations which control access to SSI, Medicaid and other government benefits are very complicated and if you make mistake eligibility for benefits can be lost.  Families and trust beneficiaries do not need to worry about learning and staying current with the law and regulations. The Arc of Georgia Pooled Trust keeps track of the rules for you.


Ease of Use – It is easy to request disbursements from a Pooled Trust account. Requests can be made by e‐mail, phone, or fax.


Experienced Staff – Southeastern Trust is the Operating Trustee for The Arc of Georgia Pooled Trust;  The Georgia Arc Network serves as Managing Trustee.  Southeastern Trust has extensive experience administering special needs trusts.  The Arc of the United States provides management oversight through its state office in Georgia.


For more information on The Arc Georgia Pooled Trust, contact Shannon Mattox at mattox@thearc.org.