Legislative Agenda

State public policy is essential to ensuring Georgians with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families receive equitable supports and services so that they can live inclusive and meaningful lives in their communities. These public policies include:



Civil Rights

The Arc Georgia strives to ensure that the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are protected and advanced through state and federal policy. We support culturally competent policy proposals that aim to eliminate discrimination in education, employment, housing, transportation, healthcare, and all communities across Georgia.




The Arc Georgia believes in inclusive education systems, starting with early childcare learning through postsecondary education. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities have the right to a thorough education with high expectations for their success in school. We strongly oppose education systems that promote segregation and unequal access to knowledge and learning.




Access to meaningful, competitive-wage employment is essential to the well-being of people with disabilities. We support fully funding programs that assist in the attainment and retention of meaningful employment and are committed to assisting Georgia as it moves toward being an Employment First State with the recent creation of the Employment First Council.




We promote policies that advance and improve access to adequate healthcare supports and services to ensure optimal physical, emotional, and sexual health for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This includes protecting and improving healthcare funding streams such as Medicaid and Medicare and addressing healthcare crises in Georgia, including the Direct Support Professional shortage and the Medicaid Waiver Waitlist.



Housing and Transportation

Housing and transportation are critical components to fully inclusive communities. The current shortage must be addressed through policies that provide infrastructure and support to ensure accessible, affordable options. We oppose cuts to programs that support people to live in their communities, such as SSI.




State Budget

The Arc Georgia is committed to monitoring budget line items that could affect programs and services for people with disabilities. We believe in educating policymakers on the importance of maintaining and/or increasing these state budget line items and including new funding streams that support our values of community inclusion.




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