This is the information we have that may be useful in the lead-up to the storm, during the storm, and in its immediate aftermath. If you have anything to add, please EMAIL IT TO LTAYLORPARKER@GMAIL.COM OR LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW. We will be checking for your input regularly.



  • Airbnb has waived fees for anyone who needs a place to stay, and many people are offering up their guest bedrooms free of charge. If you have room for someone who evacuated or need a place to stay for a few days, click here or call 1-855-424-7262.
  • Many Georgia counties use the CodeRED app to send out information in emergencies. You can download it here. This may be especially helpful if you’re stuck in an affected area.
  • Autism Speaks can help families in need find resources. Call 1-888-288-4762. Para asistencia en Español por favor llame a 1-888-772-9050. You can also reach Autism Speaks by email at


Affected Areas:

  • Find state of emergency contact information by county here.


Greater Atlanta:

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