Happy Election Day!! This is The Arc Georgia’s guide to making sure the whole experience goes as smoothly as possible.
If You Already Voted

  • Thank you for doing your civic duty and being proactive.
  • If the election is making you anxious, it’s okay to turn off the news.
  • You can still volunteer for a campaign or a non-partisan get out the vote effort.
  • Send us a picture taken with your ‘Georgia Voter’ sticker or a few words about what voting means to you if you want us to feature you on Facebook or Twitter.

If You’re Voting on Election Day

  • Know where you’re going, when you’re going, and how you will get there. Know who and what you’re voting for.
  • You can’t have anything visible that supports a candidate at the polls. Bring a purse or backpack for hiding hats, pins, and buttons or leave them in the car. Use a jacket to cover t-shirts.
  • If anyone questions whether you should be allowed to vote, you have the right to cast a provisional ballot. Pay attention to what you have to do to get it counted.
  • If you need help with problems at your polling place or think your right to vote has been violated, you can find phone numbers to get help in many different languages here. You can also use The Arc’s Voter Support Service. You can call the Georgia Advocacy Office at (404) 885-1234 if you think someone violated your rights.

On Election Night

  • If you want to go out, you can look for election watching parties online. Some bars and restaurants will be having these on election night.
  • It can also be fun to stay in and watch the results with friends and family.

The Day After Election Day

  • Take any buttons and stickers off of anything you plan to take out in public before you go to school or work.
  • Try to forgive people who may have said harsh things to you. If you said things you’re not proud of, apologize.

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