The 2017 SPADD Conference is coming up, and we now have information about who some of the speakers will be:
Eric Jacobson: Mr. Jacobson is a familiar name in Georgia disability advocacy.He has been the Executive Director of the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities since 1997, and that is only the most current of many roles he has taken on over the course of a career spent in service to people with disabilities. Mr. Jacobson is a passionate advocate with Georgia-specific expertise in the service systems which allow people with disabilities to live worthwhile lives in their communities.
Frank Pastizzo: Seeing all services as human services, Mr. Pastizzo draws upon over thirty years of experience as an Emergency Room Technician, a high school English and Drama and Special Education Teacher, a Health Care Administrator, Marketing Executive, Professional Actor, Comic, and Musician. His energetic programs are sparked with comedy, live music, and poignant stories from the arenas of business, health care, and education to assist our workplaces in reflecting the values of kindness and respect.
Sara “Genni” Sasnett: expertise in community employment and other fully integrated community services for people with disabilities, systems change and provider transformation as well as decentralized program management and agency asset reallocation. She has provided consultation to a broad array of entities from state governments and private provider agencies to the U.S. Department of Defense Overseas Schools and the government of Bahrain. She has been project director on a number of grants directed towards systems change, both federally and privately funded. Before her retirement in January 2014, she was the COO for St. John’s Community Services, a not for profit agency headquartered in the District of Columbia serving people with disabilities in 100% community based services in DC, TN, VA, and PA. She is currently a consultant for the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) at the University of Massachusetts Boston. In her work at ICI she provides technical assistance directly to private providers, assisting them with conversion from sheltered work and segregated services to community integrated work and community based day services that support the acquisition, retention and advancement of employment. Genni holds a Master’s degree in Transitional Vocational Special Education from George Washington University.
Watch for more information about SPADD in the weeks to come.

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