A Family Mission – Supporting full inclusion and participation in the community from Baltimore MD to Macon GA

Richard M. Spooner (d. June 18, 2019) was instrumental in the growth of The Arc Baltimore after his daughter was born with Down Syndrome in the 50’s. The desire to protect the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and support their full inclusion and participation in the community was one that Mr. […]

Getting Involved in the Legislature as a Medical Student

As a medical student, my lens of focus is very sharp. My interests are in things that allow me to do well in coursework, achieve necessary scores on exams, and networking towards my desired medical career. On Friday March 15, I, along with medical students around the country, found out which residency programs we would […]

Dottie Adams: a Life Well Lived

Dottie Adams’ life is one worth honoring, worth trying to emulate as we go about our business from day to day. From her home in Athens, Dottie raised two children, completed higher education, and worked on behalf of Georgia families beyond count. In her work, first at Advantage Behavioral Health Systems and then on the […]

The Arc Georgia Pooled Trust

Pooled Trusts Special Needs Trusts are utilized to help provide the extras in life, above and beyond the basics provided by government programs. The Arc Georgia Pooled Trust offers two types of trusts to help families provide the highest quality of life for a family member with a disability… now and for the future. First […]