Grassroots Connectors

What is a Grassroots Connector?

A Grassroots Connector is a current or emerging leader within their community with a strong desire to implement change. The main role of a Grassroots Connector will be to recruit leadership, assist with the planning, coordination, and execution of outreach in order to build effective, ongoing change within their community.


We believe that leadership does not always require big actions or loud voices.  It is often the quiet efforts and actions done with humility that have the most impact. For far too long, people with disabilities have been over- looked as leaders, mentors and connectors in their community.   Yet, through a disability movement, the chant, “Nothing about us, without us,” is becoming a common statement that offsets the historical view of the stigma of oppression.


We strive to give space and opportunity to spotlight the leadership abilities and great strengths that individuals with disabilities share just by the lived experience of dealing with the daily challenges of life.


We STRONGLY value the leadership of a person with a disability who is:

  • dedicated to addressing social justice issues they experience personally and also affect the well-being of people who are marginalized in their communities.
  • able to facilitate conversations in ways that support others to understand their own value, gifts, and capacities.
  • an organizer that attracts, educates and supports like-minded community members who want to make a difference with their own decisions on their own behalf.
  • a connector and able to build relationships among community leaders and policy decision makers.


Where are the Grassroots Connectors located?


The Grassroots Connectors are in 5 (five) regions throughout the state: Atlanta, East, Central, North, and Southwest.


How Many People Serve as Grassroots Connectors?


There is a total of 10 (ten) Grassroots Connectors. 2 (two) per region.


Who are the Grassroots Connectors?

Stay tuned for our Grassroots Connector features!

    Project Overviews

      The Grassroots Connectors are currently involved in two projects:

Georgians in the Driver’s Seat and Census 2020.