Getting Involved in the Legislature as a Medical Student

As a medical student, my lens of focus is very sharp. My interests are in things that allow me to do well in coursework, achieve necessary scores on exams, and networking towards my desired medical career. On Friday March 15, I, along with medical students around the country, found out which residency programs we would […]

What I Learned at The Arc’s National Convention

Martha Haythorn, Policy Intern with The Arc Georgia, reflects on her experiences at her first National Convention with The Arc of the United States, which took place this year in Nashville, Tennessee from November 7-10:   (Q) Why did you want to go to Convention?   (A) Before I came to the Convention, I applied […]

We Need Your Help

We can’t have the Medicaid cuts. Medicaid is the backbone of community living. It pays for services. It gives people with I/DD the healthcare they need. Less Medicaid means more people in institutions, more people quitting work to care for a relative with a disability, and more people going without healthcare. Medicaid cuts and caps […]

GAO Seeking GNETS Stories

Do you have experience with the GNETS? Have you, or has your child, struggled to get adequate behavior supports in school? Has staying, or keeping your child, in inclusive settings been difficult? If so, your story might be able to make Georgia schools more inclusive and help more Georgia kids get good educations. If you […]

2017 SPADD Conference

The 2017 SPADD Conference is coming up, and we now have information about who some of the speakers will be:   Eric Jacobson: Mr. Jacobson is a familiar name in Georgia disability advocacy.He has been the Executive Director of the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities since 1997, and that is only the most current of […]

Dottie Adams: a Life Well Lived

Dottie Adams’ life is one worth honoring, worth trying to emulate as we go about our business from day to day. From her home in Athens, Dottie raised two children, completed higher education, and worked on behalf of Georgia families beyond count. In her work, first at Advantage Behavioral Health Systems and then on the […]

Election Masterpost

Happy Election Day!! This is The Arc Georgia’s guide to making sure the whole experience goes as smoothly as possible.   If You Already Voted Thank you for doing your civic duty and being proactive. If the election is making you anxious, it’s okay to turn off the news. You can still volunteer for a […]

Gaining Freedom, Coming Home

Join us on November 16th from 4-7 PM for a photography exhibition that showcases the journeys of five individuals moving from long-term care facilities back into the community. Participants were invited to evaluate the Money Follows the Person program* by using an approach called photovoice, which encourages participants to record, reflect, and share their experiences […]

GNETS Action Alert

ACT TODAY!! Comment by November 2, 2016 about Georgia’s Draft Proposed GNETS Rule Is your child currently attending a GNETS program, been in a GNETS program, or struggled to get quality supports for behavioral-related or mental health disabilities in your neighborhood school? If so, it is imperative that your voice be heard by November 2, 2016. But don’t […]

Hurricane Matthew Resources

This is the information we have that may be useful in the lead-up to the storm, during the storm, and in its immediate aftermath. If you have anything to add, please EMAIL IT TO LTAYLORPARKER@GMAIL.COM OR LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW. We will be checking for your input regularly.   Statewide:   Airbnb has waived fees for anyone […]